Jeremie Barlow is an award winning international fine art photographer. - She specializes in weddings with a focus on unique and aesthetically beautiful events & interesting clients. - She regularly travels internationally shooting weddings for clients from all over the country. - Her style can be described as light filled and highly emotionally charged. - Her focus is on creating art from moments. - That practice is guided by a strong belief that the smallest moments are very often the most beautiful and artful in and of themselves.



- I am a mommy of two wild and wonderful boys.

-I have a gigantic Newfoundland dog named Bella.

-I am a horrible cook.

-I grew up playing in the woods and riding bikes.

-I was raised in a family of professional and amateur photographers. 

- I feel most at peace when my toes are in sand.

-I have the best job in the world.   Bar none. 

I am a lucky Lady.
I get to do what I love.

I love creating beautiful images
that have real meaning for people.

I've studied philosophy, theology and art history and I have 1/2 of a doctoral dissertation written in psychology.  
I  like to have fun if you are up for it.  Laughter makes everything better. 
I run a very intimate studio.  I create very personal Fine Art images that capture moments in time.  Each client is different and inspires me differently.  
I would love the opportunity to talk to you personally about your journey and your needs.